Mission Statement Hayward Helping Hands aims to connect, build, and sustain community within our city and beyond. Hayward Helping Hands connects the community to available resources and strives to build a support network.

Our goal is to build solidarity within our diverse community to raise a unified voice and be heard. Founded by a diverse community of women, Hayward Helping Hands is committed to ensuring that all needs are met and everyone feels supported. We are community helping community, building solidarity together.

Sara Prada

Sara Prada is a candidate for Hayward Unified School District Board of Trustees, so that all of our children can receive the education they deserve in an environment where they can thrive. She is a bilingual mother of three, a business owner, and award-winning community activist. She holds a bachelor's degree in Photojournalism and is pursuing a master's degree in Education.

More information at votemrsprada.com

Dr. Danvy Le

Dr. Le is an assistant professor in the Department of Political Science at CSU East Bay. Her research focuses on mobilizing marginalized and underrepresented populations to be politically active. She is particularly interested in how identity and community can be used as a political resource. Her work appears in Politics, Groups and Identity, Presidential Studies Quarterly, Social Sciences Quarterly, and Community as the Material Basis for CItizenship (book chapter).

Lacei Amodei

Lacei is a housing justice advocate and a community organizer. She has dedicated her career to advocating for housing and economic rights both in the streets and with policymakers. She has worked for legal service non-profits, assisting low-income residents under the threat of eviction and advocating for equitable policies at the local level. She has volunteered for various Bay Area tenant rights campaigns, including the community effort for expanded tenant protections in Hayward. Trained in urban planning, she is interested in the intersection of equitable planning and building community power.

Tami Rossell

Tami Rossell is the mother of seven children and the creator of "Feed Your Family for $50.00 per Week." She is a core member of the Hayward Promise Neighborhoods Community Advisory Board and an articulate advocate that stands up to injustice and speaks out boldly when inequities are not challenged. Her advocacy and voice are compelling in the areas of domestic violence, African American students' academic achievement and social justice. She is a Parent Ambassador for her child's school and a member of the African American Student Achievement Initiative. Her leadership in these two areas allows her to speak up for those without a voice.

Elisha Crader

Elisha Crader is a tenants’ rights paralegal and advocate fighting for housing justice in the East Bay. She was born and raised in Hayward and is running for City Council because Hayward residents need representatives who put community interests above corporate interests.

Elisha is currently challenging incumbent candidates who have held their seats for up to ten years and continuously accepted donations from corporate realtors. Elisha is ready to disrupt the status quo and fight for justice on ALL fronts in her community.

Araceli Orozco

Araceli is a parent and education advocate who is well known for her activism in the City of Hayward, including serving on the school site council at Tennyson High School.

She has supported the Healthy Families program, assisting families in qualifying for health insurance, and served as a coordinator at the Tiburcio Vasquez Center.

CSU East Bay POSC 333 Practical Politics

Practical Politics, led by Dr. Danvy Le, teaches students the practical skills to be an active civic participant. In wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, students came together to practice skills of advocacy to provide resources and support the community.