National call to action

Read and Sign on to the demands made by People's Action to the Federal Government in order to ensure the collective wellbeing of our community. People's Action is demanding: zero rent and mortgage payments, national moratorium on ban utility shut offs, $2k cash assistance for all.
People's Action Petition

contact your Local representatives

Send an email to your local representative to demand for a halt in evictions or create a social media post tagging all Hayward elected officials. For your convenience, email template and language can be found below along with social media tags. Just copy/paste into an email and send to

Credit: Hayward Collective

Hayward city council

E-mail the Mayor and all Councilmembers

Watch council meetings on Tuesdays at 7pm

1. Comcast Channel 15, or

2. Live stream

Mayor Barbara Halliday Councilmember Francisco Zermeno
Phone # 510-583-4340 Email:
Email- Phone: (510) 583-4352
FB: @hallidayforhayward Twitter: @FranciscZermeno
Twitter: @hallidayforhwd

Councilmember Elisa Marquez Councilmember Al Mendall
Phone #: 510-583-4357 Email:
Email-Elisa. Office: (510) 583-4353
FB: @Elisa Márquez FB: @ AlMendall
Twitter: @emarqana Twitter: @AlMendall

Councilmember Sara Lamnin Councilmember Mark Salinas
Email: Email:
Phone: (510) 583-4358 Phone: (510) 583-4355
Twitter: @saralamnin FB: @ marksalinasforhayward

Twitter: @salinasforhwd

Councilmember Aishsa Wahab
Phone: (510) 583-4356 | Fax: (510) 583-3601
Twitter: @aishawahab

The people's Dialer: Sunrise Movement

A phone bank effort to help connect individuals with their community in order to provide: information, resources, and companionship. For more info and to sign-up to volunteer, see:
The People's Dialer


The state of California is asking idividuals and companies to donate, sell or offer to manufacture 13 of the most essential medical supplies, including ventilators, N95 respirators and testing materials. Donate here